NARI - National Association of The Remodeling Industry


What can I expect from Der Meister?

  1. Initial Contact – Der Meister, Inc. will explain the difference between each level/style of cabinetry, as well as gather the necessary information to provide you with an estimate. Items that may be discussed are as follows:


    • Style of Cabinetry and Construction
    • Specialty Items
    • Wood Species
    • Door Styles
    • Drawer Box Styles
    • Counter Tops
    • Hardware
    • Hinge Styles
    • Finishes
    • Installation
    • Cabinetry Heights
    • Moldings


  1. Estimate – An estimate outlining the details discussed during the “Initial Contact”, 3D drawings, cabinet construction information, and explanation of payment options will be provided.
  1. Follow–Up Meeting – During this meeting the drawings and estimate will be reviewed to determine if any additional items need to by added or removed. The following items will be discussed and choices addressed:


    • Finishes – Stain / Paint Per Room
    • Counter Tops and Edge Profiles
    • Door Styles
    • Moldings
    • Hardware
    • Specialty Items


Der Meister, Inc. will require a retainer (design fee) for continued design and drawing work. This fee will reflect an estimate of hours projected to complete the design. The design fee is waived if the customer signs the Acceptance of Proposal. If additional labor is required, you will be informed of new retainer terms. In the event that you choose to go elsewhere for cabinets, fees will be prorated back per the actual hours spent working on your project.

To proceed further with the project, at this time, an Acceptance of Proposal must be signed and final measure scheduled with the contractor, plumber, and electrician or the homeowner (this is done once all windows are in the home). If the cabinetry is to be scribed in, backer (additional 2x4’s installed in walls) will be installed as needed to ensure that all finished ends are fit tight to the walls. A Final Meeting is scheduled

  • Final Meeting – At this time, the final drawings are reviewed and need to have an approved signature. All selections for cabinetry and counter tops must be finalized for the project to proceed into production. **PLEASE NOTE – production time is scheduled based on all selections being made. Once selections are complete, lead-time is typically 6-8 weeks, depending upon current workload, size of project, and contractor’s progress.